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BOOK NOW - PHONE: 01772298725

Commando Carbine

This gaming gun is a great combination between compact design and huge firepower. The Commando fills the gap between the Spitfire (machine pistol) and the M4 (assault rifles). It works well played indoors, around gaming inflatables, or outdoors, as pictured. Features include:

  • Highly adjustable stock so that a wide range of gamers can use this unit comfortably.
  • By having a flat front end, this model is designed to work both indoor or outdoor games. It also has an weaver rail mount for a red dot scope.
  • The new design long focal length lens assembly is included on the commando for extended range.

Standard issue color: Gun Metal Grey/Phantom Black

Gun Specs
RangeLong range - up to 160m/525ft
Other Spec
ConstructionMetal, moulded handle (BFS style).
Triggerfull trigger mechanism
Length53cm/20 3/4\" (stock in)
Recommended EnvironmentsDay/Night Outdoors, eg ski fields, forest, woodlands. Also able to be used indoors or in an urban environment
Weapon Emulations
WeaponAK47/AKM, Steyr Aug, Simonov Carbine SKS, AK74, M1903 Rifle, H&K G3, M1 Garand, Lee-Enfield SMLE, FN-FAL / L1A1 SLR, L85A1-2/SA80, H&K G36, Kar 98k