Ambush Area Fire 

If you are able to ambush a group of enemy gamers, especially at close range, you need to take into account that the sensors only take hits once every few seconds, depending on their setting

If they are set on "easy" mode then they can only be hit once every 2 seconds. If they are set of "standard" mode then you can get them once every second. Or if they are set to "hard" mode then you can hit them once every half a second.

To do maximum damage you need to rotate the targets so  that you hit each gamer every few seconds so that each one of them has their gun disabled and cannot return fire. 

Start shooting at the lefthand gamer, then work your way right across the targets over the course of a couple of seconds so that every target takes a hit. Think of it like knocking the "ducks" down on the fairground shooting range... 

Then swing your rifle from right to left over the next couple of seconds to catch anyone that you missed the first time.

Then the process starts again as you aim from left to right…

Of course the enemy should be hitting cover, once they can effectively return fire you should quickly retreat so you live long enough to setup another ambush position. 

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