Claymore Mine

Blow the berzookers out of your enemy!

This amazing claymore mine is distinctive it is a three panel convex curve. Used by a gamer, it can add a lot of excitement to scenario missions.

It features the iconic “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY” marking. The Claymore mine explodes in 3 ways:

  • Claymore
  • Normal
  • Mine and
  • Dirty Mine.


When emulating a claymore mine unit is configured in “kill” mode. This means that if a gamer is in range, they will automatically be reduced to zero hit points, no matter what level of HP they were on.


A hit from this unit when configured as a normal mine will cause 1 hit point loss per explosion. This mine can be set to either TEAM A or TEAM B if friendly-fire is off, or will hit both if friendly-fire is on.


This configuration actually shoots continuously for 22 seconds. It has a cool “Geiger-counter” type sound effect.

The claymore comes with a bank of 48 infrared emitters so it has a board area effect.

Its standard issue color is black. A claymore can be configured to be triggered by being shot by a gamer.

You can also configure it to Unlimited hits, so it can act as a free-standing target. The claymore can be configured to automatically re-arm within a few seconds, rearm after 2.5 minutes or not re-arm at all.

The explosion effect distance can be reduced for indoor play. Plus its volume by be easily configured.

Gun Specs

  • Colour - Black
  • Weight- 1.9kgs/4lbs

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