What Is It?

Hello recruit, welcome to Battlefield LIVE Pennine

Battlefield LIVE is an authentic team combat entertainment experience using military grade infra-red gaming guns. There's no paintballs or airsoft pellets flying around, so there's no expensive ammo to buy and absolutely no pain.This is not your average "Laser-Tag" game.... This is gaming evolved, beware of cheap imitations.

Played much like a live video game such as Fortnite and Call Of Duty, you will be sent on exciting and often complex missions that involve skill, accuracy and quick thinking. You must outwit the enemy to get ahead in this game, or your squad will not survive. Teamwork is essential and although you will know how well you've battled from the "stats" on the gun, Kill to Death Ratio's just don't matter if you're losing! 

Ready... Aim...FUN!!

All our weapons are fitted with either red-dot or 3x9 zoom sniper scopes for accurate target aquisition. Instant hit feedback keeps you informed of your successful "kills" and when you've taken a "bullet". Don't worry though, it's not "Game Over" yet... Shout for your squad's Medic, get patched up with a "Respawn" and back to the frontline!

Battlefield LIVE Pennine is the most realistic simulation short of joining the military.

Our purpose built outdoor arena is designed to provide a mixture of challenging game maps.

From high vantage points to open fields, below ground observation bunkers and the abandoned village, our laser combat zones will give you a taste of real military exercises and modern warfare. 

You can experience this for yourself, when we brief you on your missions. Just like a live version of the console games, this gives gamers their mission briefing, Intel on the enemy, and terrain map.

It is like being part of your own movie except the plot is determined by you. One of our C.O.s, will brief you on the battlefield, on how to use the gaming guns and on your team's objectives. Your orders could be to capture a command post or rescue a VIP. There is a chain of command at Battlefield LIVE, so you will follow your C.O's orders.

Battlefield LIVE's sophisticated technology means our combat games can be played in small groups or scaled up to 70 people at once. When there is 35 players per side the game is awesome, there's so much energy and excitement, and lots of "shooting!"

If you are looking for birthday party ideas, team building activity, corporate entertainment, stag party, hen party or just things to do in Lancashire, then Battlefield LIVE Pennine is THE ideal outdoor activity for all the family.

Battle Without Bruises.....

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