Pin and Flank

One of the standard problems faced in combat games like paintball, airsoft and Battlefield LIVE (Laser-Skirmish) is how to effectively destroy an enemy force that is behind cover. 

No matter how much you fire at the target, your rounds will not penetrate the cover.

If you simply advance forward the enemy will pick you off as you try to cross open ground. 

In this situation you have basically two viable options.  

One is to form a skirmish line and charge the position hoping to rush the enemy.

The other option is to pin and flank the enemy, this option takes some team work.    Generally those gamers who have long guns in the squad (this could be one person) need to apply significant suppressive fire onto the enemy position. 

This is not expected to do significant damage but it should force the enemy to keep their heads down and therefore not be in a position to spot or at least effectively engage those forces doing the flanking. 

While the enemy is under suppressive fire the flankers usually choosing the flank with the most cover move around the enemy position to hit them from the sides. 

You will find that most cover in combat games is one directional and therefore if you shoot at the enemy from two directions at once they will be exposed to effective fire.

The pin and flank movement is often used when gamers are working in pairs.  One player pins and the other flanks, but can used with large formation moves as well. 

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