Scorpion Sub-Machine Gun

The Scorpion SMG is a popular gaming gun.

The Scorpion is light-weight yet robust. It is great for either indoors or outdoors. It particularly comes into its own for urban Close Quarter Battles (CQB). Since this model does not have a protruding barrel it is ideal for indoor arenas.

While the default color is black, you can option up to with bright colors - red or blue.

The Scorpion is, by default, has a sci-fi sound effect, but it can be configured to act like any of the 69 weapons in the SATR system. Likewise it is great for live gaming around inflatable bunkers and barricades, ike our inflatable doors, walls and forts.

Our equipment is 100% portable, built tough, and weather-resistant.

It comes standard with an integrated red-dot scope - one powerful battery that powers both the gaming gun and its scope. So when you turn off the gaming gun, you automatically turn off the scope too. Women and girls all over the world love the Scorpion because, while still being light, really make its presence felt!

In 2015 Battlefield Sports launched a new, more compact version of the scorpion.

Gun Specs

  • Weight - 2kg/4.4lbs
  • Length - 38cm/15"
  • Scope - 30mm Red Dot Scope
  • Range - Long range setting: up to 120m/300ft Defaults to short range

Weapon Emulations

Scorpion (default) MP5, Owen SMG, M1929 Thompson, PPs-43

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