Stags & Hens

Do you need a challenge for your Stag or Hen party?

Think the boys & girls deserve some laser combat before a night on the town?

Battlefield LIVE Pennine is great for Stag and Hen parties, there's no paintballs flying about, so no nasty bruises just before the big day!

We understand the importance of the "Fun Factor" and what pressure the Best Man or Chief Bridesmaid is under to make everything go well. Rest assured, as a family owned business we take pride in easing the pressure. Once booked, just relax and we'll take care of the rest.

Just make sure that you let us know of any ideas or requirements you have and we'll do our best to make things happen! Remember that you are OUTDOORS, so be sensible with choice of silly costumes!

As the best man or woman, you know your duties are to organize 'THE' party to be remembered (or most of it!). Well, "round up the boys" or "gather the girls" and come experience a session of hardcore missions, before hitting the town and drinking like an off-duty squaddie. Let's face it, if the Groom or Bride-to-Be doesn't wake up nursing a hangover and a half eaten pizza, you just didn't party hard enough!

Stags vs Hens

For something really different, you can throw a combined event. Everyone is looking forward to the wedding, and Battlefield LIVE is a great opportunity to get to know each other before the day. The idea is for the stag's and hen's party groups to come together for an session of fairly clean fun, and then go their separate ways for partying into the night. Then, on the day of the wedding, those seated at the head table know each other - and how well they can fire a gaming gun!

We can arrange everything, just ask!

Book your Stag or Hen's celebration, contact us now!

You'll be the hero of the day!

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