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Team Building & Corporate Events At Battlefield LIVE Pennine

Battlefield LIVE is a great way to bring your team together working to a common goal..... VICTORY!

Whether you're a junior sports team, youth group, small business or a multinational corporation, team bonding is an important way to increase efficiency and motivation.

Combat sports are an ideal way to promote leadership and teamwork, where everyone becomes part of the outcome. If you don't work as a unit and don't communicate effectively, then there is only one result.... defeat!

Tactics and planning are all part of the successful battle, whether your on our Battlefield or out in the sales field. Making decisions and ability to take orders are all part of a winning team, so together with innovative thinking and an ability to plan for all eventualities are the qualities needed to take your team to victory. Battlefield LIVE enables all these skills naturally and in an exciting, fun environment. No more sitting in a meeting room with flipcharts and folding paper planes!

Unlike a lot of corporate events companies, we won't inflate our prices at the sniff of a "Corporate Do". The price you see is the price you pay

The only difference between the regular public sessions and adult team building events is the complexity and objectives within the missions. There is no way that an 8 year old child is going to understand the intracacies of extracting a VIP from an enemy base, they just want to run around shooting anything that moves!

So with this in mind, we tailor the missions to suit the group. We can soon tell who are the leaders and who are the followers, so promoting teamwork and encouraging the whole group is all part of the package. There is a role to play for everyone, whatever age, ability, fitness level and group size, we'll make your team WORK!

To make a full day of it, why not try one of our recommended activities?

1) Spa, Swim & Gym: The remainder of the day at the superb Park Hall Hotel Leisure Club, with access to showers, saunas, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym etc. Perfect for warming up and relaxing after the heat of battle. Please contact Park Hall directly for day passes and availability.

2) Archery: Test your skills in the ancient ways of battle in our purpose built target range

3) Traditional Team Activities: Climbing Walls, Crate Stacking, Bushcraft etc can all be arranged through our approved suppliers.

We can also organise training courses, such as First Aid, Security and advanced driving, to fully SIA certified Close Protection (Bodyguard) qualifications. 

If in doubt.... ASK!

Call us on 01772 298725.

"Thanks for a superb day. I am sure we will be back in the future." S.H.  Wickes NW

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