Gamers must come prepared for the battlefield and that starts with the right kit. The photo shows just a selection of kit that the modern soldier has to carry. Although we’ll be impressed if you turn up for battle with a full loadout, it’s not necessary and not recommended. 

 The most important things to wear are:

  1. Covered outdoor footwear. (Not sandals, flip flops or even high heels!)  
  2. Appropriate DARK clothing. (Black, green and brown, not hot pink!) 
  3. Gloves, especially in the colder months.


Any soldier will tell you that the proper kit starts with the right footwear. If you have hiking boots wear them, otherwise trainers or even wellies are OK. Be warned though that in wet weather, chances are that you will get muddy, even under the coveralls. Please bring at least a change of shoes and socks so your feet are dry for the rest of the day!     

If you will be wearing our camo suits, which are included with most sessions, then we recommend that you wear a t-shirt/sweatshirt and jogging pants so you can pop the coveralls over the top. Otherwise you will need to wear long pants and socks covering your ankles. Jeans are NOT recommended!   

To survive on the battlefield, you will need to disappear and that means camouflage. 

We've seen players in bright orange T-shirts, yellow football kits and hi-vis trainers.... Guess who got shot first? So make sure you wear black, brown or green colours, even under the camo coveralls if they are included in your package. Please try to avoid wearing hoodies, as the hood may cover the back head sensor and that's cheating! 


We recommend you bring sun-cream in warm weather. You may wish to bring some money with you too, as we sell chocolates, drinks, etc. in our HQ. We also have a range of combat accessories on sale, ideal for a birthday gift or souvenir (you may need to pre-order for some products, so please enquire).   

Don't bring jewellery, valuables and remove large dangling earrings for safety reasons. Leave your mobile phone somewhere safe, you might lose it, or if it rings/beeps it will alert the enemy to your location. We’ve even seen players ring their mates on the opposite team, just to find out where they’re hiding!   

If you need to stay in touch with family or friends for any reason then please inform our staff, they will keep your phone with them and monitor any important calls. Medical issues, such as asthma, diabetes etc. that require you to carry medication should be made aware to our staff. We will keep such items on hand for any emergency.   

Glass and sharp objects of any kind are prohibited on the Battlefield!   

Battlefield LIVE Pennine will not be responsible for any loss, theft or accident to players’ property.   

If booked in advance, we can hire tables, chairs, BBQs and marquees and have these reserved for your group. If in doubt.... ASK!   

Now you are ready for active duty!

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